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Teach in the UK with Prospero Teaching International

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From Down Under to Across the Pond: Exploring Teaching Opportunities in the UK


Are you an adventurous qualified teacher seeking new horizons and international experiences? Look no further! Prospero Teaching, in collaboration with its dedicated International Team, invites overseas-trained teachers from Australia and New Zealand to embark on an adventure to teach in the UK. Offering comprehensive support, exciting social and travel opportunities, and a network of dedicated consultants, Prospero Teaching ensures a smooth transition as you make your mark in the ‘land of tea and scones’.


How to Register with Prospero Teaching International to Teach in the UK.


teach in the UK - discover England

Why Choose Prospero Teaching International?


  1. Teacher Support and Dedicated Consultant Guidance

When you partner with Prospero Teaching, you’ll benefit from personalized candidate support and dedicated consultants who understand the unique challenges and requirements of overseas teachers. They will guide you through every step of the process, from assessing your eligibility and safeguarding checks to securing a teaching position through a conditional offer, whilst navigating visa or immigration status.

We love for all of our teachers to find a home away from home wherever they choose to teach with us.

Further training opportunities will be outlined, as well as any steps required to gain QTS. Qualified teachers from New Zealand or Australia will be able to work in the UK without Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) for up to 4 years. Should you choose to stay for longer, your academic qualifications will make it possible to apply for QTS.

Prospero Teaching is committed to providing the advice and support you need to succeed.

  1. Social Opportunities

Teaching in a new country is not just about the classroom; it’s also about creating lasting memories and forging new friendships. Prospero Teaching’s International Team organizes a range of social events, including meetups, cultural outings, and networking opportunities through our links with many schools across the UK.

Connect with fellow educators and explore the rich diversity of the UK’s cities, historic landmarks, and picturesque countryside.

Check out our Prospero Teaching International Instagram page to see how our overseas-trained teachers have been getting on this year!

  1. Travel Opportunities


teach in the UK - travel to Prague


Based in the UK, you’ll have unparalleled access to explore not only the country itself but also Europe’s diverse landscapes and cultures. From the rolling hills of Scotland to the picturesque beaches of Cornwall, the UK offers a wealth of travel destinations.

Plus, with its excellent transport links, you can easily jet off to European destinations such as Paris, Barcelona, or Rome during school breaks. Teaching jobs in the UK open the doors to a world of travel adventures.


teach in the UK - travel to Greece


  1. Potential School Sponsorship and Teaching Qualifications:

Prospero Teaching has established relationships with schools across the UK that actively sponsor international teachers. This means that, with Prospero Teaching’s assistance, you can secure a teaching position even if you do not yet have pre-settled status or a UK visa. Furthermore, Prospero Teaching understands the nuances of teaching qualifications and can provide guidance on achieving Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or the recognition of your existing teaching qualifications in the UK.


teach in the UK - Explore London


  1. Career Progression and Teaching Experience:

Working in the UK offers excellent career progression opportunities and invaluable experience that can enhance your teaching credentials. Gain exposure to innovative teaching methodologies, diverse classroom settings, and a multicultural student population as part of a world class education system.

The UK government highly values the contributions of overseas teachers and offers numerous avenues for professional development and advancement, with teacher training recognised from both New Zealand and Australia.


If you’re an overseas teacher seeking an exciting teaching role in the UK, Prospero Teaching’s International Team is your trusted partner for a successful and rewarding experience. With social and travel opportunities, and dedicated consultant guidance on anything from visa or immigration status to accomodation advice, Prospero Teaching ensures that your transition is smooth and enriching.

Many teachers already take advantage of the chance to gain valuable experience, explore the UK and Europe, and progress their teaching career. Search jobs with Prospero Teaching and embark on a new chapter of your professional journey today!

Thank you for checking out our post on Prospero’s after-school clubs! If you are interested in teaching opportunities overseas find out more on our Prospero Teaching International Hub, follow our Instagram page, get in touch with our nearest office or reach out to our international team via email –