Finding staff

Why choose us?

Prospero Teaching is an award-winning education recruitment agency with over 20 years industry experience. We source suitably qualified in-country candidates all year round through multiple marketing channels, as well as maximise our international reach to attract new candidates into our client’s selection process. We are based in-country, in both Sydney, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand, as well as 11 other locations across the world.

When a client partners with an experienced consultants at Prospero Teaching, they receive a personalised 1:1 service. All vacancies are advertised and marketed, specific to each school’s unique needs. Our intention is to save you countless hours, by screening and qualifying all applicants and ensuring all shortlisted applicants are of a high quality. We do this through completing a high standard vetting process for all candidates and obtaining up-to-date references from Senior Leaders who can testify to this quality. Furthermore, the entire interview process is facilitated to ensure all parties are satisfied. Finally, we provide after-placement care to both clients and candidates, ensuring we build on these relationships.