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Webinar Recap: Canadian Teachers Relocating to New Zealand 2023

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Webinar Recap: Canadian Teachers Relocating to New Zealand 2023


Kia ora, adventure-seekers!


We’re absolutely thrilled to share the success of our recent Prospero Teaching New Zealand relocation webinar, where our consultants, Ashley Bayley and Venecia D’Souza, took our Canadian friends on a virtual journey to the stunning shores of Aotearoa and discussed all things relocation to NZ.


Ashley & Venecia running the relocation webinar 2023


Let’s rewind the clock and relive this fantastic evening where we explored the charm of New Zealand and answered some great questions about relocating as a teacher.


Our first-ever webinar was a great success, with a strong turnout and lively engagement from our Canadian audience. The highlight of the event was the live Q&A session, where we had the pleasure of answering your burning questions about relocating to New Zealand.


A Recap of the Webinar Highlights


Why Choose Prospero Teaching New Zealand?

    • With over two decades of experience in the education industry, we offer unparalleled expertise.
    • Being part of a global network, we’re connected to opportunities worldwide.
    • Best of all, our services come at no cost to you, allowing you to focus on your adventure.
    • We take pride in our personalized approach, aiming to reduce stress and amplify your travel experience.


Our Comprehensive Services

    • We find you the perfect teaching placements.
    • Post-placement support ensures a smooth transition.
    • We arrange interviews and provide expert advice to maximize your success.


Why New Zealand?

    • We delved into the high safety standards and welcoming environment.
    • We marveled at New Zealand’s breathtaking natural beauty.
    • We explored world-class healthcare and the joys of a friendly, diverse culture.
    • We discovered overseas relocation grants to ease your move.


The Exciting Teaching Roles in New Zealand

    • We unveiled the diverse range of teaching opportunities awaiting you.


The Eligibility Checklist

    • We clarified the requirements, including NZQA, teaching registration, and salary expectations.


Visa Options

    • We explored the various visa options, such as working holiday visas and accredited employer (AEWV) visas.


The Prospero Teaching New Zealand Process

    • We provided a step-by-step breakdown of how we’ll guide you through your journey.


Live Q&A

    • It was great to get the opportunity to address some of your burning questions about relocation at the end of our webinar. some of the questions we answered were:


If both husband and wife are secondary school teachers, can both apply separately for teaching positions?

Yes, each ‘teacher applicant’ including the main applicant and partner can either apply for their own visa or come over on the same visa (AEWV). This is for all sectors from ECE, primary and secondary. (Please be advised we are not a licensed immigration agent, further information on visa’s can be obtained by visiting:


Are there permanent teaching assistant positions available for foreigners?

To be eligible for a teaching position in New Zealand, all teachers would need to hold an eligible teaching qualification + teachers registration with the NZ Teachers Council.


Where can I find the pre-approval list?


Are there any arrangements made for where we would live?  Are we placed somewhere, do we need to find a place on our own?

Prospero Teaching is here to guide you throughout your journey to relocating. We can provide you useful recourses and tips however the applicant (being you) would be responsible for the costs and booking of flights and organising and paying for travel and accommodation. There are multiple options in regards to living in NZ, and we have a helping guide that we can provide when assisting you with your teaching journey.


Ashley & Venecia running the relocation webinar 2023

Ashley Bayley & Venecia D’Souza


Interested in Joining One of Our Future Webinar Events?


For our other Canadian Teachers interested in Relocating to New Zealand, If you missed out on this incredible event but still have that burning desire to embark on your Kiwi adventure, fear not! We have more exciting webinars, insights, and opportunities lined up just for you. Stay connected with us by registering your details, and we’ll make sure you’re among the first to know about our upcoming events.

In conclusion, our Prospero Teaching New Zealand webinar was a memorable experience, and it’s just the beginning of your exciting journey to teach in New Zealand. We can’t wait to help you make your dreams of living and teaching in this beautiful country a reality.

Stay tuned for more, and until then, kia kaha (stay strong) on your path to a Kiwi adventure!