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One of the most exciting things about being a teacher is the opportunity to teach abroad using your qualifications. Teachers will always be in demand, and whether you are thinking about working in the UKthe UAEthe Middle East, South East Asia or New Zealand there are plenty of schools looking for adventurous and passionate new staff this year! Read on as we explore your options, and think about the key information you need to know when considering your next move…

Blog: Advice for Teaching Abroad

…Hang on, is moving and teaching abroad a good idea at the moment?

Firstly, we understand the fears and apprehensions many may feel about moving this year when we are still in a global pandemic. However, while it certainly isn’t advisable to go on holiday to multiple destinations, as long as government advice is followed, moving for work is possible. In fact, with the extra time spent in lockdown, many teachers are more determined than ever to realise their dream to teach in a new country.

Employing teachers from overseas has long been an approach taken by schools to tackle teacher shortages. Consequently, primary and secondary teachers are now on occupation shortage lists for several countries. This means it is possible to apply for skilled worker VISAs (or equivalent) to apply for jobs overseas.


Moving to teach in the UK

In the UK, secondary maths, physics, computer science and MFL teachers are on the occupation shortage list. Therefore, having experience teaching these subjects would give you a great chance of finding a teaching job in the UK.

Qualified teacher status (QTS) is a legal requirement to teach in maintained (overseen by a local authority) primary, secondary and special schools. You can secure employment in an independent or private school without QTS. However, this status is considered desirable for teachers in the majority of UK schools. Having QTS ensures that you are placed on the qualified teachers pay scale and can join the Teachers Pension Scheme.

If you are from the European Economic Area (EEA), Canada, the USA, Australia, or New Zealand, you can qualify for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) without additional tests or training. If you are from outside of the EEA you must have three years of experience teaching in an EEA-recognised member state.

When preparing to apply for Qualified Teacher Status make sure you have gathered the below documentation:

  • Copies of your qualifications
  • Copies of identification, including passport and driver’s license
  • Evidence that you are qualified to teach in your country of origin
  • If your name has changed since qualification, include legal documents detailing this

Moving to teach outside of the UK

The requirements of schools around the world depend on the regulations of the ministry of education in that country. Many teachers have an interest in teaching abroad in international schools because they have experience with the curriculum.

International schools tend to adopt an international curriculum that differs from other schools in the same country. This could include the International Baccalaureate or the international primary curriculum.

Prospero work with British, International Baccalaureate, Canadian and American International school all around the world – we recommend getting in touch to speak with a consultant to find out more! Explore some of our global opportunities here.

The various qualifications which may be accepted by international schools include:

  • Bachelors of Education OR
  • Bachelor’s degree related to your teaching subject PLUS
  • Teacher training obtained at a University for the appropriate age ranges. This can be:
    • PGCE (England, Wales, Aus, NZ, Canada etc)
    • PGDE (Scotland)
    • Higher Diploma of Education (Ireland, South Africa)
    • Masters of Education
    • Full (non-temporary, non-emergency) state certification (US and Canada)
    • Teacher registration (NZ, Ireland)
    • Bachelors of Teaching (NZ)
    • Qualified Teacher Status (UK)


Benefits of gaining experience teaching abroad

Teachers are always adapting and learning, often within a single 40-minute lesson! Consequently, the more challenges and goals we set ourselves as professionals in education, the further we develop our skills. Leaving your comfort zone by teaching in a new country is a brilliant way to give yourself a fresh challenge. You can become an even more reflective practitioner as you learn how to teach effectively, overcoming the barriers of language and cultural differences.

Learning about a new curriculum also gives you a unique perspective of the systems used in schools in your home country. You may find that you develop your pedagogical skills by taking the best aspects of the different approaches you encounter.

A benefit of finding your next international teaching position with an experienced teaching agency is the additional support you can receive. Prospero offer advice and assistance at every step of the way – from the application and interview stage right through to relocation and acclimatisation!


Opportunities for international teachers

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